The Whorleater (Extreme)

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The Whorleater (Extreme)

Post by Aya Saionji on Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:40 am

To unlock the trial, player must first complete the quest Whorl of a Time by talking to Urianger in The Waking Sands - Western Thanalan (x6,y4). Players must have completed the quest [u]Through the Maelstrom[/u].

Phases Rotation:
Phase 1
The railings are up in this phase, providing a safety net if you miss the Body Slam or Spinning Dive. Leviathan dives into into the water after taking 10% damage, does a Body Slam, and then splits into the head and tail. As with the other versions, the head reflects physical damage and should be targeted by casters. The tail reflects magical damage and should be targeted by everyone else.

Rotation: Wavespine – Spinning Dive/Slam – Wavetooth – Spinning Dive/Slam – Gyre Spume – 1 DIVE (On Converter) – Tsunami – Slap ->

Phase 2
<- Tsunami – Railings Break – Slap – Wavespine – Spinning Dive/Slam – Gyre Spume (MDPS LB) – Wave Spume – 1 DIVE (On Converter) – Tsunami – Slap ->

Phase 3
If you make it to the second Tsumani in this phase, you will wipe. Focus on killing Leviathan.
<- Tsunami – Wavetooth – Spinning Dive/Slam – Wavespine (Ignore) – TSUNAMI!!

Video For Fight:
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