Thornmarch (Extreme)

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Thornmarch (Extreme)

Post by Aya Saionji on Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:58 pm

To unlock the trial, players must be on the quest The King Lives. Player must have completed the quest On the Properties of Primals.

  • Players can talk to Urianger in The Waking Sands - Western Thanalan (x6,y4)
    Players will receive 16 Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery and 11 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics for the completion of the trial.

Whiskerwall Kupdi Koop (PLD): Has 3 different basic single target attacks, one of the attacks will steal a small amount of HP. Mark the moogle with an "X".

WoolyWart Kuqpu Kogi (RNG): Has no aggro table and will not move unless he is starting a combo attack. He uses a basic attack, "Moogle Eye Shot" which will fire 3, 4, or 5 attacks at a target marked with a multi-colored reticle. Mark him with a "5".

Pukla Puki the Pomburner (BLM): Has no aggro table, don’t try to control or tank him. He only uses 1 ability “Pom Flare” which is interrupted by attacking him 5 times. Failure to interrupt this means you will wipe. Mark him with a "4".

Furryfoot Kupli Kipp (WHM): she is the healer that heals the other moogles. Mark with a "3".
Pukna Pako the Tailturner (THF): Has no aggro table. Will randomly jolt around the map stabbing people. This can become a one-shot mechanic if you let him get too many buffs. Mark him with a "1".

Ruffletuft Kupta Kapa (WAR): Has 2 basic single target attacks. Mark him with the "O".

Puksi Piko the Shaggysong (BRD): Has an attack bonus song to other moogles and a damage song that does AoE around her. Somewhat responsive to hate. Mark with "2".

Ill make this a bit simple then what it is. Burn each little moogle down to 10% but atk blm about 5 time when he starts meteor repeat till like last phases whm moogle will cast a move I think if I'm not mistaking atk him till he/she is stune last phases have all moogles down to 10% then kill every moogle asap melee will lb king moogle as rest of  dps burns

Video on Fight:
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