Thornmarch (Hard)

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Thornmarch (Hard)

Post by Aya Saionji on Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:13 pm

Unlock the trial, players must be on the quest You Have Selected Regicide and have completed the quest Hail to the King, Kupo.

  • Players can start the questline by talking to Vorsaile Heuloix at New Gridania (x9,y11).


I will make this a bit simple then what it is. we burn all the moogles. then they will gather in a circle and so forth king moogle will pop up mt will grab the king;tank him where ever u like, ot will grab both war,pld moogle;tank away from group/king (note to self most dps will burn/aoe at this time while they pop up healer will cast holy as well) dps will burn down 4 moogle then burn king while u as ot hold off pld/war moogle away from king. Congrats on your clear!!
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