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Novus Weapon

Post by Aya Saionji on Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:22 am

Complete the quests Celestial Radiance and Star Light, Star Bright. Players will need to purchase 3 Superior Enchanted Ink at the cost of 250 Soldiery Tomestones each (750 total) from Auriana. Players will then give the 3 inks to Hubairtin in Central Thanalan (x23,y13) for a Sphere Scroll.
Players will need to Infuse the Sphere Scroll 75 times to complete the it.

Each infusion requires 2 items: Materia and Alexandrite. Players can obtain Alexandrites by completing FATEs with animus weapons equipped (similar to Atma farming). Players can also obtain alexandrites with Mysterious Maps. Players can acquire mysterious maps by purchasing them with 400 Soldiery Tomestones each from the Auriana. Players can also acquire them by completing the quest Morbid Motivation that asks the player to complete Expert Duty Roulette. Quest resets daily and each completion awards the player with one Mysterious Map.

While the player will likely lose the materia for unsuccessful melds, the player will not lose alexandrite. As the specific stats of the weapon increases, higher materia tier is needed for sucessful melds/upgrades

This is really simple to do it will cost money but u can do it 2 ways expensive way or cheap way. Expensive way is to max out your 1 basic stats for that class for example: brd-crit hit or deter, ninja-crit hit or deter, pld- parry/acc...etc...etc. cheap way is to go with 3 Material example: I did for brd- skill speed,acc,crit. To determine how many u need. You know u need 75 melds/infusion so off the bat u know u need 75 Material. you also know it uselessly takes 10 melds to pop up a grade 1,2,3 material used unless outer-wise for main stats. Example: im doing pld sword I will use 30 quickarm materia 1,2,3 and 23 heavens' eye materia 1,2,3 and 22 battledance materia if u add up 30+23+22=75 there u go and your done and congrats on your new relic weapon novus
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