Hi all into about me

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Hi all into about me

Post by Aya Saionji on Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:35 am

Hi, my name is Aya saionji as u can see lol. Just wonted to tell u a bit about myself. As most of u guys/girls know that I'm very friendly from how I act in the free company lol. I'm a bit crazy hear and there but only for a good reason. Whats the fun with out doing it? lol there no fun just being yourself gotta let it out haha we all are human. I don't bite but I might intend to lol ;3 but i wont haha. So far this fc is a grate fc love all u guys who are in it and hope u guy also like the webpage that I'm working on for all u guys from new people to ventures like me in the game. So plss enjoy the game and site. ^^ So off that topic on to another one lol.

My main is an Bard and Ninja but I will play anything to help people out. The best people in the game has master most classes to be the best which I consider me as one of them people. "Jack-of-all-trade" haha don't like crafting/gathering much but I do it because I'm bored at times. If u ever need anything just hit me up in the fc chat i do most high-lvl play but I will do low lvl if I have to or if someone needs it badly.

"Courage is the magic word witch turns dreams into reality."
"Don't try to hard just be yourself."


Aya Saionji
Aya Saionji

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