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STUMPY's intro

Post by stumpy on Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:14 pm

hey all i am derreck a.k.a stumpy.

a bit about me in real life .i am 29 have a wife and 2 kids. one of whom is just 3 months old boy .the other is a 2 1/2 yr girl Smile i love love video games and anime. big time anime buff . i am also very into cars and working on mine when my back lets me . video games anime and cars, those r my hobbies lol
i just came back to ff14 with heavensward. my main is BM lvl 50 . have a alt and a few other jobs.

i i was stuck on my main quest line and thought i had missed something so i stoped messing with it and just focus on gear back right after hitting 50 . turns out i just missunderstood . and now i have so so many quest to do before i can even get to new area of the game lol. owell i will still get a lot of XP from the quest so that works Smile

i plan to get this guy to 60 as BM then working on my tank.

nice to meet you all and il see u in the game


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