What are Jobs? How to get them?

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What are Jobs? How to get them? Empty What are Jobs? How to get them?

Post by Aya Saionji on Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:32 am

Jobs have specialized abilities aimed to perform specific roles in a group setting. Jobs are the same level as their corresponding classes and can be thought of as specialized modes of the base classes. There are 10 jobs in A Realm Reborn.

Primary class is the class the job links to.
Secondary class is required to be level 15 to unlock the job.
The job has all the abilities and traits of the primary class and all the cross-class abilities of secondary and tertiary classes.
The level of the job is the same as its corresponding class and vice versa.

To become these class u got to have your main class to a lvl 30 u will then get a quest but u have to have ur other class to its lvl before u can accept your quest to get your actual job. Example: brd which needs lvl 30 archer and  your pug class up to a lvl 15 then u can get your quest and become a brd once this quest is completed u will get a stone look like this Soul of the Bard but different symbols on it and a different color
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